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We here at respect your internet privacy. In general we do not actively attempt to gather any significant personal information about you. The only exception is if and only if you use the Contact Page. In that case your name and email address will only be temporarily used to respond to your inquiry - and then promptly deleted. We do not maintain a mailing list of any sort, nor engage in any form of email collection for list-builting or remarketing purposes. If you want to protect your name and email address - simply don't use the Contact page, simple as that.

FTC Affiliate Disclaimer

This site, like many on the internet complies with the Federal Trade Commissions requirement of disclosure of affiliate participation. The sites owner may or may not earn a commission when site visitors purchase products linked to on these pages. Primarily, we're a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to USA. We may also participate in other affiliate and advertising opportunities from programs such as LinkShare, eBay, Commission Junction, Google AdSense and others.

Product Suitibility

The products mentioned and featured on this site do not constitute either an explicit recommendation nor endorsement of any product. They're simply a general listing of the kinds of computing hardware available in the marketplace. Any decision as to suitibility for your particular needs or to purchase is strictly your own, and should be made by comparison shopping both at retail and online, and particularly from research done at the manufacturers own website.

Browser Cookie Options

By merely surfing the web, no matter which browser you use, 'Cookies' are created, stored and referenced as you move about the web. You have complete control over your web browsing history and cookie management in your web browsers preferences. In fact we encourage you to periodically delete and limit your cookie history to minimize 3rd-party advertisers ability to retarget and leverage your behavioral history.

This constitutes the succinct and straightforward privacy policy of this website in it's entirety.