Best Podcasting Microphones For MacOS

Podcasting Mics For Mac

Top-Selling Mac Podcast Mics

Capture clean, high-quality voice, music and Macintosh podcast recording sessions with these quality Macintosh compatible computer mic options. These featured mics are ideal Mac voice-over work, narration and podcasting.

The simple USB connection provides clean, digital USB audio and driver-free installation. Just plug them in, check your System Preferences Sound level settings and they're ready to use with your favorite OSX compatible sound recording DAW or podcast capture applications.
Audio Technica MicBlue Yeti Podcast Mic
ATR2500 USB Mic

Vol + Headphone Monitor Jack
Gain + Mute + Headphone

4 Pattern Stereo Mic

Picking the right mic for the podcast is a critical choice. Your mic is the first element in the chain of procedures needed to produce and publish your own podcast. If you begin with a bad quality microphone like the one built into your MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop on the recording there's no way you'll end up with a pro sounding podcast in the end product. With an affordable but reasonable quality podcast recording setup you can avoid much of the audio cleanup work. Today there is a big assortment of good microphones for podcasting at an affordable cost. Many USB condenser microphones for Mac include a built-in mic stand, and may have onboard volume or equalization controls for well under $50 USD. We rounded up the best Mac compatible mics for podcasting in 2017. So continue reading to discover the best podcast mic for the show.

Samson Podcasting MicCheap Podcast Mic
Built-In Tripod Legs

Headphone + Vol + Mute
Built-In Tripod Legs

Headphone + Vol + Mute

Podcasting mics with an integrated headset jack allows you to instantly monitor the sound straight from your microphone in real-time. Podcasters may use a wide variety of podcast equipment for their shows, but one of the best Universal Serial Bus mic for podcasting that he advocates is the Rode NT Universal Serial Bus Condenser Microphone. Blue Microphones Yeti mic is also a top-selling solution that's used by more podcasters than any other.