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Samson Meteorite Compact USB Desktop Mic For Mac

Stylish good looks and a compact form-factor is what sets the Samson Meteorite USB mic apart from many other uninspired desktop microphone designs. It's an ideal companion for improving your Apple MacBook's recording quality, or for use with a Macintosh Pro or Mac mini desktop system which don't have any built-in mics of their own.

Compact USB Condenser Mic

In Chrome Or White Finish

Superb sound quality is the number one aspect that defines any sound equipment is the quality of audio output. This is what you will get with the Samson Meteorite voice recording microphone.

• 14mm condenser microphone element
• Cardioid polar pickup pattern
• 44.1-48kHz 16 bit resolution
• Perfect for studio-quality recordings
• Hi-quality voice capture for FaceTime, Skype and Dictation
• No driver installation required on OS X
• Compatible with most Apple digital audio software apps
• Flat and smooth frequency response curve
• USB bus powered through its integrated 2' cable
• Magnetic base to keep optimal sound-field positioning

This mic is a great option if you really want to improve the sound capture quality of your Apple laptop or desktop computer. With this Mac compatible microphone you are sure to hear a clear and crisp sound for your preferred audio applications. And it's highly affordable too, with a street price typically under $40 USD. The only drawback that may be a factor is the rather short 2 foot USB cable; in some desktop computer setups you may want to use a USB extension cable to give you the placement flexibility you need.

For more info and to compare other Samson mic hardware offerings visit their website.