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Cheap-er USB Condenser Studio Microphones Arrive

Shopping for a cheap USB computer microphone for your Mac recording studio? A new wave of stylish import mics arriving from China are hitting the shelves that feature sensitive, responsive condenser microphone elements at value prices. As we've seen in many other computer peripheral market segments, they'll put a lot of pricing pressure on the big-name microphone manufacturers like Samson, MXL, Shure, Blue, Audio Technica and others.

Cheap USB Studio Microphone

Onboard Volume & Echo Controls

Above we have an affordable USB condenser mic from a brand called for around $30 USD that offers a sturdy, solid-metal body with gold chrome plated element screen. The microphone includes a desktop tripod stand and an 7 foot XLR to USB microphone interface converter cable. A foam windscreen to cover the mic element is also included. Onboard, there are two adjustment knobs, one for overall volume level - and another for echo suppression.