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CAD U7 Conference Table Computer Mic For Mac

The CAD U7 USB conferencing microphone for Mac is an ideal and one of the best desktop solution for capturing conference room audio and participant's speech in to the Mac computers and Windows. This microphone is powered by the USB bus and its low profile and sleek design is unobtrusive on the meeting table. It’s ideal for use in conference-room VOIP and video conferencing meetings and other business environments with multiple, speaking participants. No driver installation is required for OSX. Simply plug the mic in, select and adjust it's response settings in your favorite audio or video chat app and you're ready to go.

USB Conference Table Mic

360 Degree Omni-Directional Pickup Pattern

CAD U7 Conference Mic Benefits and Features:

  • Low profile for unobtrusive presence
  • LED active USB power connection status light
  • Long 10 Foot USB cable for versatile mic placement
  • Condenser microphone element for effective and high sensitivity
  • Omnidirectional pattern for three hundred sixty degree coverage
  • Frequency response pattern optimized for conference speech
  • Macintosh and Windows compatible

The Mac OS X compatible CAD U7 Conference Mic is a high-quality external microphone optimized for use in conference meetings. This product is recommended for those people who want to record and enjoy crystal-clear reproduction of their speech during meeting.