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Blue Tiki Portable Dual-Mode Condenser Mic For MacBook

If you are in need of a compact and versatile travel microphone that's perfect for an Apple MacBook Pro or Air, consider the Blue Tiki USB mic. Under 4 inches long, it's small enough to hide in the palm of your hand, yet it delivers vastly superior audio capture over any MacBook's internal mic at a very affordable price.

Blue Microphones Tiki Travel Mic

Dual-Mode Portable USB Microphone

This device works well with Mac or PC. All that it needs is a USB 2.0/3.0 Type-A port. If you have one of the newest USBC MacBooks, a simple USB-C to USB Type A Female adapter cable will do the trick.

There's no need for Mac driver software installation: Just plug it in, and then play. With two condenser elements, it has a bi-drectional front and rear pickup pattern. It's hardware-based voice isolation technology will automatically focus on the primary direction of sound. The mic's intelligent Digital Signal Processor will also auto-mute during moments of silence to eliminate any unwanted background noise using the chips noise-canceling algos.

The Tiki excels at drastically reducing and filtering out keyboard typing sounds, which the internal MacBook mic is terribly prone to. Blue Microphones' product page has some sample sound files comparing the Tiki to the MacBook's internal mic: Listening to the difference is quite revealing.

As a dual element and dual-mode microphone, there's a push-switch to toggle between Natural Recording modes optimized for either speech or music. In a podcasting environment with two or more participants, the microphone's DSP dynamically detects the origin of the current speaker and switches focus of the front and rear condenser elements on the fly as needed.

Although it's tiny size and unconventional shape preclude using a standard microphone stand or boom mount, it does come with a USB A to B extender cable. That allows a bit more flexibility in mic placement during use if being directly connected to your Apple MacBook isn't desired.