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Rode NT-USB Desktop Podcast Mic For Mac

The Rode NT-USB mic is an ideal side address versatile microphone that is superb for Podcast recording - as well as musical instruments and vocal performances. We love it as a desktop mic for Apple's dictation and speech recognition, voice-over jobs and podcasting sessions. This high-quality Mac compatible podcasting microphone features both USB connectivity and optional Apple Lightning cable options ideal to use in mobile recording applications of both Mac based computers - or Apple iPad Tablets with your preferred OSX or IOS audio recording applications.

Rode USB and Lighting Connector Mic

Ideal For iPad iOS and Mac OSX

Features of Rode NT-USB
Includes storage pouch, twenty foot USB cable, ring mount, tripod stand and has a pop shield
Cardioid pattern microphone element
Compatible with an Apple iPad with Camera Kit
Direct control mix between source input and mic input

Users of Rode NT-USB microphone can best benefit with the great features that it has. The design of this microphone was really based on the high standard of product. If you prefer to buy this great microphone for sure you will love the features and impeccable fidelity. Aside from its compatibility to use in other recording applications, you can also use this microphone for recording musical performances and singing.

If you are looking for a top-tier Apple compatible microphone at the best price from Amazon, then Rode NT-USB is an excellent product that will deliver professional sounding results.