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Stylish Samson Meteor USB Desktop Recording Mic For Mac

The Mac compatible Samson Meteor condenser mic is the perfect USB microphone solution for sound or music recording on your laptops and computers especially for MacBook or Macintosh desktop computer users. Being ideal for your home recording studio, it is also perfect for podcasting, video conferencing via FaceTime, iChat, Mac Skype conferencing, or for clean dictation when using Apple’s voice recognition software.

Samson Meteor USB Microphone For Mac

Onboard Mute and 1/8th Inch Headphone Monitoring Port

It produces rich, quality recording of audio for any application. This mic has one of the biggest condenser diaphragms which is 25mm, larger than many other competing available compact USB mics. Its smooth frequency response, cardioid pickup pattern, and the 14.1/48 kHz, 116 bit resolution gives professional audio results no matter what sound source you choose to record.

Built-In Microphone Stand

The matte black or chrome-plated body of the Samson Meteor includes a stylish design and convenience with fold-out legs which look really amazing on your desktop. Also, the legs are adjustable to the optimal angle and position for any application on recording from the acoustic guitar into the speech or vocals. There’s also an integrated, threaded mic stand adapter at the bottom for you to be able to mount the mic on a standard desktop stand or a boom arm.

A stereo output of the 1/8” headphone with no latency headphone volume knob and monitoring gives the user full control. There’s a push-button mute switch on the microphone to give audio silence when needed during a video conference or recording session. This is what makes this podcast mic for Mac users a unique and all-in-one solution that will let you make fantastic recordings on your Apple computer.

Top-Selling Podcasting Mic For Mac : Blue Yeti Remains Popular

Consumers "vote" with their wallets. The Mac compatible Yeti microphone from Blue Microphones is a standout product. Introduced nearly 5 years ago, it's an example of an Apple friendly computer peripheral done right in the first place. As such it remains near the top of the audio capture world's Best-Seller list for years running.

Best Selling Desktop Microphone For Mac

Switchable 4-Pattern Tri-Capsule Array

So you are dreaming of a USB microphone that will make you the techy geek that you are? Blue Yeti is the microphone that is right for your desktop voice and sound recording needs. There are a lot of things that you will be able to experience if you are using this sound-capture device. First is that you will have a real-time control on your recording. Also, the innovative design of this mic allows an easy recording for every type of user. Moreover, this device promises you a hassle and stress-free set up moment.

Here are the reasons why you should never miss to have a Blue Yeti microphone: Incredible sound capture capability with 3 condenser capsule array. 4 position multi-mode mic settings: Cardiod, Omindirectional, Stereo, and Bidrectional.
There is no other feature that best describes an excellent microphone than incredible sound capture capability. This is what you are sure to find with Blue Yeti microphone. This is an excellent choice for Podcast recording, narrating YouTube videos, Vocal and Music capture, or speech recognition..

Premium Sound Recording - At A Price

Even if you have the money to spend for it, the truth is that you would still want to settle with a microphone that will provide you a money-saving treat. This is why you should never miss purchasing Blue Yeti. For around $100 USD you can enjoy the high-quality audio capture of this product.

Top-Selling Mic For Mac

Today, this device is the number one selling external USB desktop microphone for Mac in the market. Purchase the Blue Yeti now and prove it for yourself.