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Cheap-er USB Condenser Studio Microphones Arrive

Shopping for a cheap USB computer microphone for your Mac recording studio? A new wave of stylish import mics arriving from China are hitting the shelves that feature sensitive, responsive condenser microphone elements at value prices. As we've seen in many other computer peripheral market segments, they'll put a lot of pricing pressure on the big-name microphone manufacturers like Samson, MXL, Shure, Blue, Audio Technica and others.

Cheap USB Studio Microphone

Onboard Volume & Echo Controls

Above we have an affordable USB condenser mic from a brand called for around $30 USD that offers a sturdy, solid-metal body with gold chrome plated element screen. The microphone includes a desktop tripod stand and an 7 foot XLR to USB microphone interface converter cable. A foam windscreen to cover the mic element is also included. Onboard, there are two adjustment knobs, one for overall volume level - and another for echo suppression.

Multi-Mode Desktop Microphone For Mac Sound Recording

Designed to combat the most common pitfalls of recording, The Blue Nessie adaptive USB desktop microphone automatically adapts to whatever you're recording, applying professional studio processing to produce expertly finished sound, without the need for additional mixing or editing.

Tri-Mode USB Desktop Condenser Mic

Blue Microphones Versatile Nessie Microphone

• Perfect for recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, voiceovers, audio for videos & more
• Automatically applies fundamental recording techniques for instantly polished results
• Includes pro features like headphone monitoring, mute, pop filter and shockmount
• Select from three preset recording modes - Music, Vocals, or Raw
• Works with your favorite sound recording apps on Mac, Linux or PC

Easy Plug-N-Play Connectivity On Any OS
The Nessie mic connects via USB with Windows, Mac OSX or Linux computers with driverless installation. For mobile recording on IOS, you can optionally connect to an Apple iPad using Apple's Lightning Adapter and a powered USB hub.

Instantly Refines Results
The Nessie USB desktop mic professionally enhances your audio so that you get polished podcasts, interviews, music, video and live-stream broadcasts and more, automatically.

Focus On The Performance, Not On Your Recording
Nessie helps insure high-quality recording by delivering optimized, enhanced studio caliber sound for desktop recording of vocals, instruments, podcasts, voiceover tasks and more.

Built-in Pop Filter and Internal Shockmount
For optimal positioning, Nessie's capsule head adjusts with pivoting flexibility. The built-in shockmount and studio-caliber pop-filter reduce unwanted vibrations and rumblings - while it's adaptive digital processing, includes automatic level control, dynamic EQ equalization, and a de-esser can auto-magically refine and smooth your audio signal in real-time.

3 Versatile Adaptive Recording Modes
Nessie's three user-selectable recording modes are optimized for detailed instrument capture, smooth vocals, as well as an option for raw audio for manual post-production editing. The Nessie USB mic employs a single, custom-tuned condenser cardioid pattern condenser element.

Headphone Output Jack With No Latency
The Blue Nessie includes a zero-latency headphone output to directly monitor your recording session, completely eliminating any distracting audio delay. Instant mute as well as headphone volume control are conveniently located directly on the microphone's base.

USB + MFi Lightning Cable Mic For Apple iPad or iPhone

Shopping for a great multi-mode microphone for your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch audio recording needs? Shure's MV51 digital condenser mic is a very versatile vocal and instrument microphone for home or mobile sound recording anywhere.

Sure Multi-Mode Condenser Mic

Apple MiFi IOS or USB OSX Connectivity

• Features all-metal construction, with vintage retro-inspired design
• Apple MFi Certified Connectivity for iPod Touch / iPad / iPhone
• Direct connection to iOS devices without additional connection or adapter kits
• USB connection for MacBook or Macintosh desktop computer use
• 5 Preset DSP Modes: Singing, Flat, Speech, Acoustic Instrument and Loud
• EQ, Compression, Automatic Gain and Limiting for optimum recording
• Touch controls for headphone volume, mode selection, microphone gain, mute
• Headphone output jack for monitoring in real-time
• 25mm condenser microphone capsule delivers best-in-class audio
• Rear flip-out kickstand for direct placement on any desktop
• Standard 5/8" thread microphone stand mount
• Micro USB-to-Lightning and Micro-USB to USB cables included