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Apple Mic Recommendations

Rode NT-USB Desktop Podcast Mic For Mac

The Rode NT-USB mic is an ideal side address versatile microphone that is superb for Podcast recording - as well as musical instruments and vocal performances. We love it as a desktop mic for Apple's dictation and speech recognition, voice-over jobs and podcasting sessions. This high-quality Mac compatible podcasting microphone features both USB connectivity and optional Apple Lightning cable options ideal to use in mobile recording applications of both Mac based computers - or Apple iPad Tablets with your preferred OSX or IOS audio recording applications.

Rode USB and Lighting Connector Mic

Ideal For iPad iOS and Mac OSX

Features of Rode NT-USB
Includes storage pouch, twenty foot USB cable, ring mount, tripod stand and has a pop shield
Cardioid pattern microphone element
Compatible with an Apple iPad with Camera Kit
Direct control mix between source input and mic input

Users of Rode NT-USB microphone can best benefit with the great features that it has. The design of this microphone was really based on the high standard of product. If you prefer to buy this great microphone for sure you will love the features and impeccable fidelity. Aside from its compatibility to use in other recording applications, you can also use this microphone for recording musical performances and singing.

If you are looking for a top-tier Apple compatible microphone at the best price from Amazon, then Rode NT-USB is an excellent product that will deliver professional sounding results.

Worlds Smallest USB Mic For MacBook Audio Capture On The Go

The extremely portable CAD Audio U9 MicroMic is one of the smallest USB microphones ever made. It's an excellent, high quality, compact USB personal computer hardware solution for voice and music recording on the go.  It features an exceptionally small compact design for maximum portability, with a huge sound and a 3.5mm(1/8”) headphone out jack for sound monitoring.

Mini USB Travel Microphone

Ulta-Portable MacBook Condenser Mic

• 50Hz- 18kHz Response Frequency
• Directional Polar Pickup Pattern
• Digital 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz Resolution:
• 56dB @ 1 kHz Sensitivity
• Output Voltage: 1.20Vms
• Type-A USB Plug : Bus Powered
• Mic Head Pivots 180 Degrees For Positioning
• 1/8th Inch / 3.5mm Headphone Output Jack
• Visual LED Status Power Light

The 180 degree swivel and directional condenser capsule allows for optimal angle placement for Mac Skype, VoIP, Apple speech recognition, or recording music on an Apple MacBook.

CAD U7 Conference Table Computer Mic For Mac

The CAD U7 USB conferencing microphone for Mac is an ideal and one of the best desktop solution for capturing conference room audio and participant's speech in to the Mac computers and Windows. This microphone is powered by the USB bus and its low profile and sleek design is unobtrusive on the meeting table. It’s ideal for use in conference-room VOIP and video conferencing meetings and other business environments with multiple, speaking participants. No driver installation is required for OSX. Simply plug the mic in, select and adjust it's response settings in your favorite audio or video chat app and you're ready to go.

USB Conference Table Mic

360 Degree Omni-Directional Pickup Pattern

CAD U7 Conference Mic Benefits and Features:

  • Low profile for unobtrusive presence
  • LED active USB power connection status light
  • Long 10 Foot USB cable for versatile mic placement
  • Condenser microphone element for effective and high sensitivity
  • Omnidirectional pattern for three hundred sixty degree coverage
  • Frequency response pattern optimized for conference speech
  • Macintosh and Windows compatible

The Mac OS X compatible CAD U7 Conference Mic is a high-quality external microphone optimized for use in conference meetings. This product is recommended for those people who want to record and enjoy crystal-clear reproduction of their speech during meeting.

Blue Tiki Portable Dual-Mode Condenser Mic For MacBook

If you are in need of a compact and versatile travel microphone that's perfect for an Apple MacBook Pro or Air, consider the Blue Tiki USB mic. Under 4 inches long, it's small enough to hide in the palm of your hand, yet it delivers vastly superior audio capture over any MacBook's internal mic at a very affordable price.

Blue Microphones Tiki Travel Mic

Dual-Mode Portable USB Microphone

This device works well with Mac or PC. All that it needs is a USB 2.0/3.0 Type-A port. If you have one of the newest USBC MacBooks, a simple USB-C to USB Type A Female adapter cable will do the trick.

There's no need for Mac driver software installation: Just plug it in, and then play. With two condenser elements, it has a bi-drectional front and rear pickup pattern. It's hardware-based voice isolation technology will automatically focus on the primary direction of sound. The mic's intelligent Digital Signal Processor will also auto-mute during moments of silence to eliminate any unwanted background noise using the chips noise-canceling algos.

The Tiki excels at drastically reducing and filtering out keyboard typing sounds, which the internal MacBook mic is terribly prone to. Blue Microphones' product page has some sample sound files comparing the Tiki to the MacBook's internal mic: Listening to the difference is quite revealing.

As a dual element and dual-mode microphone, there's a push-switch to toggle between Natural Recording modes optimized for either speech or music. In a podcasting environment with two or more participants, the microphone's DSP dynamically detects the origin of the current speaker and switches focus of the front and rear condenser elements on the fly as needed.

Although it's tiny size and unconventional shape preclude using a standard microphone stand or boom mount, it does come with a USB A to B extender cable. That allows a bit more flexibility in mic placement during use if being directly connected to your Apple MacBook isn't desired.

Samson Meteorite Compact USB Desktop Mic For Mac

Stylish good looks and a compact form-factor is what sets the Samson Meteorite USB mic apart from many other uninspired desktop microphone designs. It's an ideal companion for improving your Apple MacBook's recording quality, or for use with a Macintosh Pro or Mac mini desktop system which don't have any built-in mics of their own.

Compact USB Condenser Mic

In Chrome Or White Finish

Superb sound quality is the number one aspect that defines any sound equipment is the quality of audio output. This is what you will get with the Samson Meteorite voice recording microphone.

• 14mm condenser microphone element
• Cardioid polar pickup pattern
• 44.1-48kHz 16 bit resolution
• Perfect for studio-quality recordings
• Hi-quality voice capture for FaceTime, Skype and Dictation
• No driver installation required on OS X
• Compatible with most Apple digital audio software apps
• Flat and smooth frequency response curve
• USB bus powered through its integrated 2' cable
• Magnetic base to keep optimal sound-field positioning

This mic is a great option if you really want to improve the sound capture quality of your Apple laptop or desktop computer. With this Mac compatible microphone you are sure to hear a clear and crisp sound for your preferred audio applications. And it's highly affordable too, with a street price typically under $40 USD. The only drawback that may be a factor is the rather short 2 foot USB cable; in some desktop computer setups you may want to use a USB extension cable to give you the placement flexibility you need.

For more info and to compare other Samson mic hardware offerings visit their website.

IPevo VX-1 5-Mic Conference Speakerphone For Mac Meeting Rooms

Shopping for a business-class group conferencing mic with speakerphone capabilities? The IPevo CDCU-04IP VX-1 Mic has an eye-catching, modern and elegant circular shape which looks as great as it sounds with it's quality, full duplex speaker and 5 element microphone array.

Ipevo Business Conference Speakerphone

Five Microphone Array + Speaker

With this group conferencing station device, you do not need to hunt around or return to the computer in the application of VoIP in order to change the basic setting of the audio. This station features a three easy to access buttons for controlling the volume, Uni or Omni directional mic switching, and mute so everything you need to control and press is within the reach of your fingertips. Status LEDs display microphone mode or mute status visually in a split-second.

  • 16 Bit Digital Signal Processor
  • 1 High-Sensitivity Omnidirectional Microphone
  • 4 High-Sensitivity Unidirectional Microphones
  • Mic frequency bandwidth: 50 ~ 20,000Hz
  • Speaker Frequency bandwidth: 20 ~ 20,000Hz

The IPevo VX-1 mic/speakerphone for Mac doesn't require installing software or extra driver. You just simply plug it into your Mac and it will automatically recognize the hardware. Just verify it as your preferred sound input and speaker output device in Apple's System Preferences > Sound pane and it will remember this setting whenever it's plugged in. Depending on the group voice and video conferencing app you use, you may need to verify these audio settings in the apps Preferences too. Once you've done that, It will automatically act as your default microphone and speaker.

The greatest thing about this station is that it is compatible with the most popular online chat and VoIP applications for OS X as well as Windows. It works with a wide variety of conference and chat applications such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Join Me, Google Hangouts, TeamViewer, Apple FaceTime, Mac Skype and others. Whatever VoIP service you’re using, this will deliver clear sounding, professional results for all of your remote meeting sessions.

For additional info, specific technical hardware specs and warranty information visit Ipevo's site.

Samson Go-Mic Direct : Portable USB Mic For MacBook Pro Or Air

If you have long been searching for a high-quality and very portable USB microphone ideal for MacBook that will give superlative audio recording quality; your search ends here. The Samson GoMic Direct is a compact, and smartly designed USB microphone thats perfect for MacBook travel and field recording. This device is certain to elevate your sound recording quality far beyond the so-so internal mic built into Apple's laptops.

Ultra-Portable Travel Mic For MacBooks

Retractable USB - Pivoting Condenser Element

Here are some notable facts about this tiny condenser mic:

  • Integrated USB plug slides out for use, then retracts for safe travel
  • The microphone element tilts and pivots to direct the sound field at your preferred angle
  • Dual 10mm microphone capsules
  • 16-bit, 44.1kHz audio resolution
  • Smooth and flat frequency response from 20Hz–20kHz
  • iPad (with Apple Camera Connection Kit) or USB-bus powered
  • Protective carry case is included
  • OSX compatible Samson Sound Deck Noise Cancellation Software

If you are among those MacBook owners who travel a lot or do field recording sessions, this product is right for you. Samson GoMic DIRECT is a portable audio device that you will definitely have no hassle in carrying. Wherever you want to be, this device will be easy for you to bring along.

Like many other audio devices, this Apple compatible microphone is designed with plug-and-play technology. Simply plug the Samson GoMic DIRECT into your Mac laptop’s USB port, set it as your preferred audio input device in Apple’s System Preferences > Sound settings, adjust it’s response levels and you’re ready for vastly superior audio recording over what’s possible with a MacBook’s tiny internal mic.

For any additional information, warranty info and technical specifications we might have missed, visit the manufacturer's website here.

Top-Selling Podcast Mic For Mac : Audio-Technica 2020 USB Plus

Get Outstanding Mac Podcast recording results with the highly regarded Audio-Technica 2020 USB Plus mic. Since the USB devices are becoming standard, lots of companies have flocked about using this technology in recording, the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Plus microphone has been frequently mentioned as the microphone of choice by influential and successful podcasters. It perfect for Macintosh users wanting studio quality results at an affordable price.

AT 2020USB+ Podcast and Vocal Mic

Zero-Delay Headphone Monitoring

Construction wise, this premium podcasting solution has nice cast casing of metal and grille, that delivers studio quality that the AT2020 line is known for. The metal mount can connect it to any standard microphone stand or be used with the included tripod. The USB+ (Plus) model features a 1/8” headphone monitor connection and is controlled by one the two thumb-control wheels on the front of the mic. This acts as a mix control allowing the blend of the headphone playback signal against the microphone volume setting.

  • Condenser element mic with USB digital output for computer recording
  • A 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz HQ A/D converter for pristine audio
  • Analog headphone jack with volume adjustment allows zero-delay monitoring
  • Thumbwheel mix control to blend the microphone signal with pre-recorded audio
  • Internal headphone amp yields superlative audio clarity and detail with more volume
  • Smooth frequency response that's perfectly suitible for podcasting, home studio or field recording, or voiceovers
  • Folding leg tripod desk stand for stability - with easy portability

To connect is simple with just “plug and play” on Mac OSX. It perfectly and easily works with Windows and Mac audio capture and podcast apps, and with any OSX sound recording application capable of recognizing USB devices.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Plus is a premium condenser microphone and the response of frequency is really balanced, while giving you lots of options for adjusting the external EQ if desired. For the overall features, it is a microphone built with quality and with the quality sound ideal for many uses beyond podcasts for recording things such as vocals, voiceovers or musical instruments.

Supplemental details, tech specs and warranty info can be found at the company's website.

Compact MXL AC404 Conference Room Mic For Mac

The MXL AC404 Conference Mic is one of the top-selling conferencing table microphone options for several years running. Its a high quality USB powered microphone that delivers professional voice reproduction optimized for your business conference calls. This mic is ideal for those who frequently use internet conferencing for group meetings and collaboration sessions.

MXL Tabletop USB Mic For Mac

Ideal For Business Conferences

The Mac compatible MXL AC404 is built in custom circuitry that uses 3-microphone element boundary technology and also an automatic gain control that produces quiet, smooth and professional sound conference no matter what the room ambience is.

Key Features of MXL AC404 USB Microphone

  • Includes 6-foot USB cable, leatherette case
  • This microphone features automatic gain control
  • Excellent to use in conference rooms and offices
  • Compatible with any computer such as Mac or PC
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 16kHz
  • 180 degree field for perfect sound over wide coverage range
  • Delivers outstanding quality of sound even in noisy environments

For effective and clearly sound produce, use MXL AC404 Conference Mic so that your listener might understand well the message of your meeting and at the same time there will be no noise interruption even if you are on a noisy room.

Additional hardware details, technical specs and product warranty info can be found on the manufacturer's website.