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USB + MFi Lightning Cable Mic For Apple iPad or iPhone

Shopping for a great multi-mode microphone for your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch audio recording needs? Shure's MV51 digital condenser mic is a very versatile vocal and instrument microphone for home or mobile sound recording anywhere.

Sure Multi-Mode Condenser Mic

Apple MiFi IOS or USB OSX Connectivity

• Features all-metal construction, with vintage retro-inspired design
• Apple MFi Certified Connectivity for iPod Touch / iPad / iPhone
• Direct connection to iOS devices without additional connection or adapter kits
• USB connection for MacBook or Macintosh desktop computer use
• 5 Preset DSP Modes: Singing, Flat, Speech, Acoustic Instrument and Loud
• EQ, Compression, Automatic Gain and Limiting for optimum recording
• Touch controls for headphone volume, mode selection, microphone gain, mute
• Headphone output jack for monitoring in real-time
• 25mm condenser microphone capsule delivers best-in-class audio
• Rear flip-out kickstand for direct placement on any desktop
• Standard 5/8" thread microphone stand mount
• Micro USB-to-Lightning and Micro-USB to USB cables included