Best Mics For Mac Audio Capture And Recording

Sound Recording Mics For Mac Audio Capture

Best-Selling Mics For Mac

Shopping for an Apple compatible external mic? Capture higher quality vocals, music, instrumentals, podcasts and other Macintosh sound recording tasks with these recommended Macintosh compatible computer mic product recommendations. These featured mics are ideal for for Mac vocals, musical instruments, or voice-over and podcasting sessions. They provide clean, pure digital USB audio and driver-free compatibility with your preferred Apple OS X sound recording applications. They're also ideal for the Apple speech recognition and dictation features recently built into MacOS Sierra, OSX ElCapitan, Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion operating systems:

Desktop Microphone Icon

Mac Podcasting Mics

Designed for the desktop or table top, podcast mics often come with an integrated base - or at the very least - a desktop tripod for close proximity placement. Many also feature on-board mic pattern response selector or volume controls, or an analog headphone output jack.

Mac Voice and Music Mics

For handheld vocalist use, or with a floor and desktop stand, or boom mounted mics in shock-rings, slim cylindrical mics offer tremendous versatility in placement for a myriad of sound capture environments.

Mac Portable Mics

The microphone built into an Apple MacBook Pro or Air might be 'good enough' for some audio capture needs. But their performance pales compared to what a quality external mic can sound like. Small, compact and portable USB travel mics deliver high-quality in a tiny form factor that you can take anywhere for vastly improved recording session fidelity.

Mac Conferencing Mic Speakerphones

VOIP telephony and online intnernet chat has exploded with the adoption of remote conferencing for businesses large and small. We feature Apple compatible group conference table microphones for multi-person voice collaboration, and Apple-friendly speakerphones for loud and clear professional-sounding group conference sessions for all participants within the room.

Apple Dictation Headsets With Mic

For Apple speech recognition and MacOS dictation needs, a high-quality Mac compatible headset with mic in close proximity directly translates into significantly cleaner audio signal encoding. As a result, you get far more accurate speech to text conversion with less need for fixing and editing. Beyond speech recording and dictation, a headset with mic is also handy for Skype and VOIP sessions as well as voice-controlled gaming environments.

Lightning Interface Mics For IOS

A growing number of Apple iPad and iPhone owners are using their iPads and even iPhones to capture audio and record music on the go. We review some of the top-selling 1/8th inch 4-conductor TRRS Analog, 30-Pin Dock, and Apple Lighting connector microphones for mobile audio recording on Apple handheld devices running IOS.

Webcams With Mics For Mac

Some users like Apple Mac mini and Mac Pro owners have computers that don't come with any built-in microphone at all. For these, a high-quality USB web camera with internal mics can provide double benefits and deliver both video and audio capture over a single USB 2.0 or faster connection.

Mac Mic Accessories

We also feature a variety of computer audio accessories and hardware that Apple users are most likely to need to complete their personal sound studio setup and get professional results - no matter what your budget. Desktop and floor-standing microphone stands, boom arms, isolation/suspension mounts, pop-filters and windscreens, audio adapters and more.